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Forbes' revenue diversification into branded content and live events is big business

101 year old business magazine Forbes is practicing what the publication preaches and diversifying revenue streams to attract new audiences and advertisers. Here, in this exclusive video interview for FIPP, two Forbes execs talk us through the publication's key focusses for 2018 including branded content, live events, and interestingly at a time of consolidation in other areas of the media industry, expanding its editorial team.  

Meredith appoints Steve Lacy executive chairman and Tom Harty president and CEO

Meredith Corporation announced that its board of directors has elected Steve Lacy executive chairman and Tom Harty president and chief executive officer, effective February 1, 2018. Lacy is currently chairman and chief executive officer and Harty is president and chief operating officer.

Can platforms ever be trusted in an ‘attention economy’?

When business models are designed to monopolise attention, can tech platforms ever be trusted? Several indicators, and analysts, think not.


Media Voices podcast: The Guardian's director of philanthropic and strategic partnerships Rachel White

On this week's episode of Media Voices, Esther interview's the Guardian's director of philanthropic and strategic partnerships Rachel White about finding ways of funding independent journalism.

Chart of the week: Trust in platforms vs journalism

Worldwide, seven out of ten respondents worry that fake news or false information could be used as a weapon. Also, 59 per cent say that it is getting harder to tell if a piece of news was produced by a respected media organisation.

Innovation chapter download: How to make money in magazine media

The editors of FIPP's Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 look at how the heck do you make money in magazine media these days? There is no single answer other than: Diversify. Read on. 

Zenith: Iran leads adspend growth in 30 rising media markets

Here at Zenith we’ve been tracking the world’s main ad markets for our quarterly Advertising Expenditure Forecasts for the last 30 years. Over this time some of these markets have changed so much that they are unrecognisable as their former selves.

Meet the Digital Innovators' Summit speakers

Jenny Woods, BBC

Jenny Woods is head of social media listening at the BBC in the UK. She'll be speaking at DIS2018, 18-20 March in Berlin.

Breton Fischetti, Business Insider

Breton Fischetti is senior director of Insider Picks at Business Insider in USA. He'll also be speaking at DIS2018.

More stories

How Hola! USA leveraged its legacy to grow exponentially in its first year

The ¡Hola! Group publishes 30 international editions in 10 languages across five continents. The 75-year old international brand is in 120 countries and is the largest global Spanish publisher in the world.

Voice control and driverless cars - the future at CES 2018

This year, the joke doing the rounds among consumer electronics wags was that CES, held in the second week of January in Las Vegas, had been cursed.

[Video] Hyden's Joanna Abeyie on the need for greater diversity in the industry

Joanna Abeyie is founder and director of Hyden, a media and wider creative sector recruitment company focussed on providing candidates from diverse backgrounds to help media companies better cultivate more wide-ranging talent pools. Here, she talks to us about how the agency began, where innovation currently sits within the industry, and why the need for diverse talent in businesses is now greater than ever before.  

Programmatic will eat itself: the first-price auction will fuel a new digital advertising era

Header bidding has changed digital ad trading forever. Now it’s even putting pressure on a foundation stone of the industry itself – the second-price auction. That’s good news, since a move to first-price will not only bring a more transparent auction, but a more transparent industry.

Trusted Media Brands expands partnership with Taboola

Taboola announced a strategic partnership with Trusted Media Brands to bring Taboola Feed to its audiences in the US and Canada. The deal builds on an existing partnership between Taboola and Trusted Media Brands with the goal of generating increased engagement and revenue across its websites in the US and now Canada.

What we've been reading

Tech is starting to lose its war on journalism (via Bloomberg)

Rupert Murdoch is right: It's time for professional media to mount a counterattack.

Introducing Ars Pro, the new Ars Technica subscription programme (via Ars Technica)

Later this year, Ars Technica will turn 20 years old. Our success has always been inextricably linked to the dedication of our readers, with 15 million of you arriving each month from around the world. To all of us who work here, that loyalty is profoundly humbling. We work hard to live up to it, including in the way we fund our operations.

Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today (via Recode)

The media landscape used to be straightforward: Content companies — studios — made stuff — TV shows and movies — and sold it to pay TV distributors, who sold it to consumers.


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