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Blockchain: can it transform the media? Yes, says Burda CTO 

It has been a key tech buzzword for several years now, but many people are still confused about Blockchain and what exactly it is. In spite of this Blockchain is also beginning to impact on the media, with some companies starting to experiment with the technology to run advertising, micro payments and verification systems.

[Video] Prisma’s Philipp Schmidt on ‘the big data myth, keys to industry transition’ 

Philipp Schmidt is the chief transformation officer for Prisma Media in France. Here, he talks us through some of the key challenges associated with updating traditional media brands, and now that the industry migration from print to digital has largely been made, looks at the next set of digital changes facing media.

Five key media tech trends from November 

News of Time Inc.’s US$1.85bn acquisition by Meredith made it all the way to the Hollywood Reporter in November, as traditional magazine media was cast into the spotlight. Meanwhile, leading social mediums including Twitter, WhatsApp and Snapchat all experienced significant technical updates during the month. Here we look at five key media tech trends to hit the headlines in November.

Media Voices podcast

Financial Times' Alyssa Zeisler on using engagement metrics to launch new products 

In this week's episode, the Financial Times' audience engagement strategist Alyssa Zeisler takes us through how the team uses engagement metrics to identify a need for new products that benefit new audience segments.

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How to monetise product referral schemes - Breton Fischetti on Business Insider’s innovation Insider Picks 

Magazine companies and mainstream media organisations are increasingly finding that product referral systems can prove to be a lucrative revenue source. Yet choosing the right products, and presenting them in a way that doesn't undermine the rest of the editorial can be quite a challenge.

[Video] Global reporting, multi-channel, journalism and fact checking in a fast-paced world 

Delhi-headquartered India Today Group has interests across publishing, broadcast, radio, television, and the web. Here, we speak to Loveena Tandon, UK and Europe correspondent for the platform, about some of the factors behind India Today’s editorial success, and providing quality journalism across channels in an increasingly converging media world. 


 Chart of the week: Where will the marketing money be spent in 2018?

Creating content is the top goal for marketing pros around the world. According to figures compiled by communications and marketing agency Cognito, 61 per cent of the 165 marketing leaders they interviewed for a survey named creating content as the area where more of their marketing budget will be invested in 2018.

ICYMI: Download Native Advertising Trends 2017: The Magazine Media Industry

FIPP and the Native Advertising Institute have released the results of the second annual global research study on native advertising in the magazine media industry.

How much do you know about the media? Take our quiz!

We are almost at the end of 2017, which has been a fascinating year for the media. We have had fake news, the ongoing ascent of native advertising, innovations from social platforms and whole lot more. So, how much have you been paying attention?

From the archive

 The organic feel of mobile video is the current [2016's] flavour of the internet

In this video interview from 2016, Kalli Purie, group editorial director, India Today Group, talked about the growing need for publishers to create content that is more indicative of the devices it is consumed on, and the increasingly visual web.


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