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[Video] New FIPP Chairman on industry challenges, opportunities ahead

Ralph Büchi is the COO of the Ringier Group and CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland, and now also the newly appointed Chairman of FIPP. He’s been on the board since 2008 and sees collaboration as the key to a healthy industry. We spoke to him on the sidelines of the recent FIPP World Congress about the current industry landscape and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Forbes launches Bankable, a career, money and balance initiative

Forbes recently launched a new multi-platform initiative called Bankable, which offers fresh content on three pillars: money, career and balance, for people at all ages and life stages.

Media Voices podcast

Dennis executive director Kerin O'Connor on The Week's enduring appeal

This week, publisher of The Week Kerin O'Connor takes us through the reasons behind the magazine's continued success on the newsstand, and how it encourages a relationship between it and its audience.

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Time magazine finds new content with Reddit partnership

Time magazine recently launched a weekly roundup of news from Reddit, as part of a new editorial partnership. Here is more about what it entails.

Elle.com partners with YouTube for video content series

Elle.com recently announced a first-ever partnership with YouTube, in the creation of a video content series promoting inclusivity in fashion. The series, called "Fashion for All," celebrates New York Fashion Week, bringing together a diverse group of six YouTube stars for a takeover of the studios at YouTube Space New York.

Five ways Evening Standard and Independent are re-inventing advertising

Think digital and the Evening Standard and Independent (ESI) may not be the first titles that come to mind. Yet the London-based publisher is quickly establishing itself at the very forefront of the digital revolution, particularly when it comes to offering bespoke advertising solutions to clients. 

Time Inc. launches Adapt, new native video tool

Time Inc. recently launched Adapt Video, a proprietary video advertising tool in partnership with Google. The new tool will deliver outstream video ads across Time Inc.'s owned and operated properties, allowing the company to build flexible and scalable ad solutions.

Fourteen new companies welcomed to FIPP membership

Eight new media owners and six new service providers joined FIPP membership in the last quarter. 


Download Native Advertising Trends 2017: The Magazine Media Industry

FIPP and the Native Advertising Institute have released the results of the second annual global research study on native advertising in the magazine media industry.

Chart of the week: What prompts people to turn off their ad-blockers?

At first glance, tough love seems to be the way forward for online media to get users to turn off their ad-blockers.

ICYMI: Download the FIPP World Congress 2017 speaker presentations

View and download the speaker presentations from the FIPP World Congress, 9-11 October 2017, London.


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