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FIPP World: NatGeo CEO; FIPP and UPM Rising Stars, Haymarket, Quartz and more
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Declan Moore: be honest about the strengths of your brands and where opportunities lie

Declan Moore, CEO of National Geographic Partners, has seen the iconic brand through a period of tremendous change, but one with a deep sense of purpose and strong believe in the value of storytelling.

Here are FIPP and UPM’s 2017 Rising Stars

Following what judges described as the most competitive year since FIPP and UPM’s Rising Star Awards started in 2015, we are delighted to announce our four top Rising Stars for 2017 today.

Putting talent at the forefront of strategy

Talent is getting harder to find - and to retain. With the proliferation of digital, data-led media and tech operations (from the platform giants to start-ups in hubs around the world), who do rapidly evolving magazine media businesses lure and keep the top drawer practitioners? For Rebecca Constable, head of talent and learning at Haymarket Media Group, these are conundrums for which the solutions are imperatives.

Media Voices podcast

[Podcast] FIPP CEO James Hewes on international lessons for media owners

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter Houston speaks to our new CEO James Hewes about our upcoming FIPP World Congress and the lessons to be learned from watching publishers across borders. 

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Haymarket Consumer Media’s ‘three key essentials for growth, monetisation’

In his new role as group director of Haymarket Consumer Media, Alastair Lewis is ensuring that some of the UK’s most respected specialist magazine media brands are positioned to thrive in an international environment. 

Quartz makes the news with augmented reality

Atlantic Media owned publication Quartz has added an augmented reality (AR) layer to its mobile news app, presenting audiences with a new way to consume global business news and current affairs. We spoke to product manager, John Keefe, about how the new innovation will be used to change the way audiences are served mobile content.

Join a free webinar on how AI can help DAM users

[Sponsored] As a publisher, you're constantly challenged to create compelling content that will grab your readers' attention. At the same time, you might be sitting on a hidden treasure of archives full of digital files that could be repurposed, if only these were tagged with the right information.

Following its success with Slack, Harvard Business Review expands bot strategy

Harvard Business Review last week launched their new bot on Facebook Messenger, building on their success with a similar bot on Slack. The aim is to increase the number people having regular, frequent interactions with HBR to ultimately have them subscribe and/or up loyalty.

Mondadori adds Dr Good! to further tap France’s healthy lifestyle trend

In France, Dr. Michel Cymes has established himself as a well-known personality and recognised health expert on television and radio. He has chosen the French affiliate to Italy’s largest publishing house, Mondadori, to launch his own bi-monthly magazine.


Chart of the week: Chart of the week: Mobile first for the news industry

Smartphones are the main motor for growth in web traffic across all industries. Overall, there has been a 68 per cent increase in traffic from smartphones in the United States since 2015. Data compiled by Adobe Analytics also holds a clear message for all publishers involved in distributing news: mobile first all the way!

Measuring the business impact of influence

How do you quantify the impact of influencers? And where is the role of influencers going?

Congress Q&A

Four dimensions of successful media organisational change

Lucy Küng, advisor, professor, and author focused on strategy, innovation, and mastering digitalisation sets out her view of the current digital sphere, while providing some insights for enacting effective organisational change, including four key dimensions of successful transformation...


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