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FIPP World: The Economist; Bloomberg; Niche markets; Taking on the FB-Google duopoly; and more
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How The Economist turned circulation into its most profitable revenue line 

While many publications are seeing a decline in subscriber numbers, The Economist has turned its circulation revenue into the most profitable part of the Group. Michael Brunt, MD of circulation at The Economist Group, explains how they’ve done it – and how there remain plenty more opportunities to grow…

How Bloomberg leverages content and technology to serve a global audience

Bloomberg Media’s recently launched television studio in Hong Kong plays off existing strengths across global platforms - digital, radio, print - to create synergies and serve its audience, according to Parry Ravindranathan, president and managing director, international, Bloomberg Media. But the launch of the studio is only part of a much bigger story…

'There are big content marketing opportunities in the niches'

Branded content, in all its various guises, has become a huge deal for mainstream publishers in recent years. From the meteoric growth of native advertising through to the labs that publishers have created, there is clearly a demand for brands to tell their stories in mainstream media. And in an era where consumers are increasingly ignoring display online ads, branded content has become a key revenue source.

Publishers should re-emphasise their behavioural roots to take on Facebook and Google

With Facebook and Google predicted to take half of the world’s total digital ad-spend in 2017, it’s no surprise that other players in the industry have raised concerns. But by updating their own data offerings to better reflect advertiser's needs, media owners can keep pace with changing digital trends.

How brands can capitalise on the experiential revolution

If I were to ask you to describe the Internet of Things (IoT), I expect many of you would start to talk about how new technology is revolutionising the internet, providing «anything connectivity» through advanced networks, sensors, electronics, and software. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But...

Nostalgia the driver as Empire launches "Classics"

Bauer Media’s Empire Magazine is drawing on the power of nostalgia as it plans to publish the first in a series of special magazines called ‘Empire Classics’.


Chart of the week: The smartphone duopoly

Back in 2010, the smartphone market was quite fragmented. BlackBerry was still going strong, Symbian was present on millions of Nokia phones and Samsung was still experimenting with its own operating system, Bada...

[Video] "We're now in a post-advertising society"

Rickard Lawson, country manager at Strossle Norway, on what brands can learn from publishers regarding native advertising.

In case you missed it

Diversification boosts Haymarket’s B2B brands

Diversified revenue mixes within Haymarket Business Media, including events and data driven advertising has boosted business over the last couple of years, especially within the B2B environment, says Tim Lomas, commercial manager of Haymarket’s Energy and Environment Division.

How Seventeen reaches out to its teenage audience, one immersive summer experience at a time

Hearst’s Seventeen magazine is building on a program it launched a year ago, after finding success with The Seventeen Fashion Experience. The program is a fashion summer camp for junior and high school students, that not only functions as a revenue stream, but allows the magazine media brand to stay in touch with and learn from its teenage audience.

[Podcast] De Correspondent takes community funded journalism international

In this week's episode of Media Voices, De Correspondent international editor Maaike Goslinga talks about efforts to transplant Dutch-style community funded journalism to English-speaking media markets. In the news round-up... why magazine cover designers have struck gold with Trump and bets on whether the pivot to video will be good for publishers long-term.

Cisco's most important social media learnings

How does Cisco, the largest networking company in the world, work with social media? In this interview, Joie Healy, senior manager of social media communications at Cisco shares her learnings from working with social media.

Congress Q&A

Making a noise: the power of audio in stories

Paula Cordeiro is a media entrepreneur and founder of Urbanista, a Portugal-based multi-media brand with a strong focus on audio. She explains how audio has given her a point a difference and discusses the barriers to audio becoming more mainstream…


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