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FIPP World: Ebner; St. Joseph Media; GQ; New Skool; Visual storytelling; more CEOs join Congress speaker line-up; plus…
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How Ebner Media targets special interest audiences with effective advertising

Effective advertising within the special interest publishing environment is not nearly as complex as it seems if you can tap into data to help identify the right content, utilise multi-channel touchpoints and remain faithful to the value of print. In fact, says Gerrit Klein, chief executive at Germany’s Ebner Media Group, sometimes good advertising isn’t even advertising at all.

How a Canadian publisher turned ‘the traditional ad model on its head’

As part of a fundamental shift in positioning of Fashion as a luxury brand rather than magazine, St. Joseph Media made a firm decision that the experience will transcend to advertisers too. It meant turning away programmatic advertising opportunities – losing revenue in the process – in favour of creating premium opportunities sold at high CPM. And it is only part of a fascinating case study in brand transformation and innovation…

[Podcast] GQ strategy and insight editor Becky Lucas on engagement

Media Voices is a weekly news and views podcast for the publishing community. Each episode kicks off with a discussion of the previous week’s media machinations followed by an interview with a leading light from a top media organisation. 

CEOs of Future, Ringier Axel Springer join Congress closing panel

The closing panel discussion at the 41st FIPP World Congress (9-11 October, London) will focus attention on next growth areas for media – where it will come from, what the opportunities they present and where adjacent, rich segments are for investing.

Social and visual experts share their top tips for Snapchat, Instagram, FB and Twitter

With visual storytelling across social platforms exploding, we speak with MarieClaire.com's social media editor, the digital director of Martha Stewart Weddings, and a Spanish visual expert for tips on how best to use visual content for engaging social audiences.

How New Skool Media in The Netherlands re-invents, stretches magazine media brands

When I sat down with New Skool Media co-founder and partner Rob Koghee, to discuss how he has found success in the magazine publishing industry in 2017, I didn’t expect to learn about the production of jam… but it’s all part of how Rob and his partner Cor Jan Willig extended their magazine media brands with an entrepreneurial outlook and an audience-first approach. Writes WoodWing's Leonie May.

How a new CMS helped Editora Caras achieve transformation goals

Nicholas Serrano, head of digital at Editora Caras in Brazil, explains how a drive towards creating efficiencies and economies of scale helped the company along its digital transformation path.


Chart of the week: Almost one third of the world uses social networks

This year almost one third of the world's 7.55 billion inhabitants will be using social media. 2.46 billion social media users equal 71 per cent of the world's total internet users, according to research by eMarketer.

[Video] Native advertising has to be done by the editorial team

Traditionally publishers have preferred a sharp divide between Church and State — meaning the editorial and the commercial side of the business. At least they would be hard-pressed to say anything else. However, Pete Wootton, managing director of digital at Dennis Publishing, thinks that it’s necessary to mix the two when it comes to native advertising.

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10 questions for James Hewes, incoming FIPP president and CEO

One of the first objectives for James Hewes, incoming President and CEO of FIPP, is for the organisation to ensure it better reflects and addresses the needs of members and prospective members – across all platforms, including print.

How six initiatives led to stunning audience and revenue growth for BBC Good Food

Chris Kerwin, publishing director of BBC Worldwide, shares insight into the six crucial initiatives employed by the brand to achieve highest audience reach of any magazine media brand in the UK and grow revenues and profits for the last five years.

Chart of the week: Native's going through the roof

Native advertising is the biggest winner in a first-quarter year-over-year comparison. According to data provided by Mediaradar, the number of advertisers flocking to this form of advertising is up 74 per cent in Q1 2017. 

How The New York Times Magazine targeted kids with a special section

In an effort to re-imagine the uses of the print newspaper over the last year, The New York Times Magazine published a special section on May 14 for kids. The kids’ section was part of a larger initiative started the previous year, over which time the staff at The New York Times Magazine experimented with print.

Congress Q&A

Prisma Media transformation chief: ‘Nothing will ever be the same again’

In the fast-changing publishing space, transformation is more complex than ever before. Philipp Schmidt, chief transformation officer at France’s Prisma Media discusses how his business is implementing change – and sets out his views on trends in the French market.


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