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FIPP World: Lessons from Abril, Condé Nast and Joe Media; power of verticals, chart of the week and more
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Lessons for all publishers from the transformation of Abril in Brazil

As one of Brazil’s largest legacy media companies, Abril Group is now evolving quickly and seeing some fantastic results. Walter Longo, President & CEO, explains how the business makes decisions to evolve, and why it is headed in the direction it is…

Digital media strategy: verticals, consolidation and the 'squeezed middle'

Vertical business models provide publishers with incentives in an online world where true scale is measured in the hundreds of millions (if not billions), dominated currently by digital giants Facebook and Google.

Condé Nast and JOE Media on creating a sustainable video strategy

Getting online video right can bring lucrative revenue streams to publishers, and is often cited by as a key area for growth. But as more established media owners make the leap from written word to moving images, the challenges involved with monetising online video – and making that monetisation sustainable – are becoming ever clearer.

Five media tech trends from March

With so many innovations and announcements now taking place in our industry on a daily basis, it can sometimes seem difficult to keep track. Here, FIPP takes a look at five of the highest trending topics from throughout the media-tech sector in the month of March.

Is native advertising about to ‘eat’ the Asia Pacific region?

With some projections announcing a brave new world for native advertising in the Asia Pacific region, some experts warn everything is not yet plain sailing.

Why publishers should hire an artificial intelligence (AI) manager

Wording is everything, as the media know best. The current hype and controversies about artificial intelligence (AI) are partly due to its recent successes in beating humans in chess, Jeopardy and self-driving cars but the real reason for its emotional debate goes deeper.

[Expert view] How to best engage audiences with 360-degree video storytelling

I won’t bore you with statistics about video content dominating the internet, or stories of social networks moving towards a video-first future. I’m sure you’ve heard them all before, and are well-versed in the idea that video is vital for brands looking to get noticed in the digital age of superfast broadband and 4G mobile. Writes Jon Mowat.

Bloomberg Media CEO's 11 steps for publishers to survive in the platform era

A year ago publishers were "falling over themselves" to get involved with platforms such as Google (AMP), Facebook (Instant Articles), Snapchat (Discover) and more, but 12 months on and a lot have changed for premium publishers as they realise that revenues from platforms amount for relatively little in the bigger scheme of things. 

Why a former internet giant looks at magazine media for inspiration

About.com has started with a "great unbundling" to develop five core vertical brands in a drive to become more like "a Condé Nast, Hearst or Meredith". This is because vertical brands built on trust provide a stronger internet proposition today than general interest content brands aimed alone at building scale, according to its CEO.

FIPP World Congress 2017 | Meet the speaker

Tom Bureau is the CEO of Immediate Media. He'll be speaking at the 41st FIPP World Congress, taking place from 9-11 October in London.

Read his bio »

FIPP World Congress 2017 | Meet the speaker

Lisa Messenger is the founder and CEO of Collective Hub. She'll also be speaking at the 41st FIPP World Congress, taking place from 9-11 October in London.

Read her bio »


Chart of the week: Views on 'fake news'

'Fake news' is all over the news. Not just because some observers think that media organisations have a habit of spreading things that don't represent the real world. Also, because the media of course is pretty worried about its standing with the general public, who it (for the most part) tries to inform to the best of its abilities.

Scott Cunningham, IAB TechLab founder, on "advertising in crisis" (podcast and full transcription)

In 2015 Scott Cunningham, the founder of IAB TechLab, told the world «we messed up» on behalf of the advertising industry. His was the first major industry mea culpa that began a shift toward addressing user problems with advertising on the web.

[Video] Google: native advertising is the future of advertising

How does Google define native advertising? What can publishers improve when it comes to native advertising and what does it take to succeed with mobile native advertising?

John Wilpers showcases top trends included in new FIPP Innovation World Report

Messaging apps and chatbots are two of the main developments media should be paying a lot more attention to than is already the case, John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting senior US director and author of FIPP’s annual Innovation World Report, said at Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin as he shared top media innovations from around the world.

From DIS 2017

10 of the key takeaways from DIS 2017

Each year Digital Innovators’ Summit speakers highlight several trends that are shaping the future of publishing. 2017 was no different. Here are ten of the key takeaways from DIS 2017, which took place on 20 and 21 March in Berlin. Read more »

A list of all the stories from DIS 2017 in Berlin

Here is a list of stories from Day 1 and Day 2 sessions at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2017 in Berlin published on FIPP.com, in one place. Read the stories »

Download the DIS 2017 speaker presentations

Download all the speaker presentation slides (where available). Download now »


See the DIS speaker session videos | Check out the DIS photos

Final countdown to pre-agenda deadline for the FIPP World Congress

Our countdown to the discounted pre-agenda offer for the 41st FIPP World Congress in London has now started.

FIPP Insight Awards 2017 call for entries

Have you got great research for the Insight Awards? FIPP will present its 8th Insight Awards at the FIPP World Congress in London, taking place 9-11 October 2017. The Awards will be for the best research studies published in 2016 or early 2017 that promote the use of magazine media as an advertising medium, anywhere in the world.


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