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FIPP World: Innovation: people, video, voice, and more. A selection of stories from Day 1
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Digital Innovators' Summit, 19-21 March, Berlin, Germany

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Top media innovations from around the world discussed at DIS

Messaging apps and chatbots are two of the main developments media should be paying a lot more attention to than is already the case, John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting senior US director and author of FIPP’s annual Innovation World Report, said at Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin today as he shared top media innovations from around the world

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Quartz's Jay Lauf at DIS 2017 - Focus on human beings, not just technology

Quartz has been one of the big success stories of online media of the last few years. Since its launch in 2012 the website ‘which bills itself as serving global business professionals with news information and analysis,’ has has grown to a readership of 20 million monthly unique visitors around the world

Video strategies for a visual world - with AJ+ and AwesomenessTV

Unsurprisingly, a hot topic for many of the speakers at this year’s DIS is audience engagement via video. On day one of the conference, Alan Saura, audience development strategist at AJ+, focused his talk on how to maximise audience engagement using video and social media. Meanwhile, chief digital officer at AwesomenessTV, Kelly Day, explained how the company harnesses the unique attributes of Generation-Z (those aged between two and 21 at present) to create content that really speaks to this young but powerful audience. 

Audience engagement: why a platform-appropriate content strategy is crucial

Social media today is a channel not only to engage users, but also a channel that increasingly provides insight and is a tool for publishers to grow audience habits and reach. For NowThis, for example, the bottom line in audience engagement is about platform-appropriate content. "How you produce content is fundamentally different on Facebook compared to Snapchat. One format doesn't fit across the board," said Athan Stephanopoulous at DIS in Berlin.

Voice is the next major disruption in computing - Amazon

Amazon believes voice is a next major disruption in computing, Max Amordeluso, EU head of Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) at Amazon, told the audience at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2017 today. 

How The New York Times brings the audience inside

Years ago, newspapers used to be fire hoses of content. Readers would read what journalists wrote and accept it at face value. These days, communication is a two-way street. At The New York Times, the mandate is to make every subscriber feel like they're part of the community, with the goal of attracting new and retaining existing readers, according to Francesca Donner, director of Times Insider at The New York Times.

Monetisation strategies outlined at DIS

How do companies win attention and monetise in the digital age? As audiences heard at the Digital Innovators' Summit March 20 in Berlin, there are myriad ways to monetise content and create new revenue streams.

How established media brands are innovating in news creation and delivery

Media companies all over the world are dealing with disruption on an ongoing basis. From the challenges posed by startups through to navigating their way through new platforms, things are always changing.

How VCs invest: Lakestar and Carmel Ventures at DIS 2017

Venture capitalists (VCs), and how they choose which companies to invest in, featured prominently on day one of DIS. Speakers Christoph Schuh (pictured), partner at Lakestar, and Zvika Orron, venture partner at Carmel Ventures, took to the stage across the day to discuss investment strategies.

Media and marketing in a connected world

We live in a connected world where often the first thing, and indeed the last thing people do each day is reach for their online devices. The growth of the connected world has presented both opportunities and new challenges for publishers.


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