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INMA: Top 10 Content Articles Viewed in the Past Month
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On June 29, Facebook announced an update to an algorithm ranking stories on the News Feed, the network’s main product. The change would prioritise posts of users’ family and friends over posts by publishers and brands. Facebook warned that the update might cause reach and referral traffic to decline to some Pages.

In the words of American ad industry pioneer Leo Burnett, «Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret ... to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper, and ink.»

Are advertising budgets well spent?

In times of economic crisis especially, it is tempting to focus on costs. Media budgets are limited in general, and print advertising in particular is experiencing a considerable decline. Online advertising is flourishing, while TV seems to maintain its share.

Countless articles have been published about the motives of using social media. The general idea is that people use those media for social interaction, personal networking, and empowerment.

As a next-generation media company, Gannett has quickly evolved from a traditional newspaper subscription business to a news membership-based model that interacts with customers in a more seamless way.

Here’s a fact that might surprise you: Video is 50% of the media revenue and profit pool in any country around the world, Patrick Béhar, principle at McKinsey France, explained at the INMA World Congress in London. Video is also the least disrupted part of the media ecosystem.

At the end of each month, I take a look the content on INMA.org — the most-read articles, as well as a few that just catch my eye — and curate a monthly round-up (which you should have received in your inbox last week).

One of the most enjoyable things about covering the mobile space is that it’s constantly evolving at breakneck speed. Start-ups are identifying things that are either broken or have gaps in what’s available to advertisers and publishers, and set about fixing or filling them.

Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, it feels like Pokémon Go is everywhere. From articles dissecting its rise to people walking into you on the pavement as they navigate the streets looking for Pikachu and Co., it’s fair to say that Pokémon is once more a trending phenomenon.


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