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News media industry’s obsession: Facebook, Facebook, and more Facebook
Источник: INMA
At the end of each month, I take a look the content on INMA.org — the most-read articles, as well as a few that just catch my eye — and curate a monthly round-up (which you should have received in your inbox last week).

I also spend some time pondering what our most recent content says about the industry. A common theme is currently running through our most popular articles: Platforms … specifically Facebook.

What we’re hearing from our members worldwide is that Facebook is the No. 1 daily conversation at their news media companies. While distributed content no doubt comes up, the dominant conversation revolves around the fear that Facebook — with its constantly changing algorithms — can’t be relied on.

Lots of discussion. Lots of possibilities. Yet, in my opinion, not a lot of coming together as a global industry to find solutions.

In an effort to spur industry discussion on the topic of platforms in general (with, so far, a great slant toward Facebook), we recently debuted a new blog. INMA’s Grzegorz Piechota (winner of this year’s Silver Shovel award) will wow us with all things platforms on a regular basis with his new blog Dancing with Platforms. Here are his first two posts: 

Other Facebook-focused articles from INMA.org in recent weeks include:

Stay tuned this month for more on the Facebook phenomenon, which is hotter than the Texas summer right now (and that’s saying something). Piechota is burning the midnight oil as I type, working on our next strategic report, tentatively titled: What Publishers Can Do About Facebook.

Facebook isn’t the enemy. It is, however, an obsession and constant question — with your audiences, with your employees, with your industry. And it will not be handled/solved/made profitable by one individual company.

Dawn McMullan


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