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Four Latin American speakers and one event you cannot miss!
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Latin America remains a dynamic, opportunity-rich region, despite the recent economic slowdown. Uncertainty has encouraged media companies to innovate, diversify and experiment in order to face head-on the economic and industry challenges.

Join us in Cartagena in June for WAN-IFRA’s first-ever Congress in Hispanic Latin America, and hear from the boldest and most inspiring executives in the region!

Bismarck Lepe, Founder & CEO, Wizeline, USA

While media companies struggle to find digital revenue, young entrepreneurs are making millions in digital and making a difference in their communities. Named one the US’ top entrepreneurs by Businessweek in 2009, Bismarck is the son of Mexican immigrants, a Stanford graduate and the Co-Founder of video platform company Ooyala, which was sold for 400 million USD in 2014. He now leads Wizeline, a business intelligence software company he founded, that uses data to help companies build products. Heand his company are pushing strong to transform the Mexican city of Guadalajara into Latin America’s Silicon Valley.

Session: Predictions for the Future

Andiara Petterle, VP of Newspapers and Digital Media, Grupo RBS, Brazil

Andiara is one of the rising stars in Brazil’s media industry. In her previous position, she was strongly involved in the leadership of Grupo RBS’ innovative digital companies and ventures, such as e.Bricks and Predicta. She’s now leading profound changes in Grupo RBS overarching strategy. Her broad experience in digital business and fine knowledge of the media industry puts her in a unique position to discuss one of the Congress’ most awaited sessions.

Session: Third Party Distributors and the Battle for Your Audience.

Martha Ortiz Gómez, Editor-in-Chief, El Colombiano, Colombia

It is difficult to promote change in a century old newspaper company, but Martha is doing it. Named Editor-in-Chief of Medellín’s flagship newspaper in 2013, she founded an internal innovation laboratory (the ECOLab) where all major editorial changes, redesigns and projects are developed using design thinking and other creative methods. This internationally awarded initiative must be studied from close by any editor trying to push internal change.

Session: The Next Level Newsroom

Carlos Guyot, Editor-in-Chief, La Nación, Argentina

Finding innovative ideas is a whole different ball game to implementing them. Carlos has been at the heart of La Nación’s innovation efforts for several years. Before being named Editor-in-Chief of Argentina’s most prestigious daily newspaper in 2014, he was Design Director and in 2009, the company’s first ever Innovation Director. He will share 10 ideas on how to recreate a newsroom and how to build them.

Session: The Next Level Newsroom

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