Date of Founding: September 1998
President: Sergey Moiseev, Chairman the publishing and printing complex "Podolskaya fabrika ofsetnoj pechati"
GIPP Vice-Presidents for 2013-2014:

First Vice-President Pavel Filenkov, CEO, Publishing house "Kommersant"

Vice-President for Newspapers, Self-Regulation, and Industrial Statistics Eugene Abov, Deputy CEO, Rossijskaya Gazeta daily; VP, WAN - IFRA

Vice-President for Magazines and Advertising Viktor Shkulev, President, Hearst Shkulov Media Publishing House; Chairman of the Board, InterMediaGroup; Board Member, FIPP

Vice-President for Regional Development Alexander Strakhov, CEO, United Media Holding

Vice-president for Distribution Tatiana Shalygina, CEO, United Press (Sanoma Independent Media)

Vice-President for HR and Professional Training Oleg Khodenkov, Director of publishing program, Russian International Olympic University

Vice-President for New Media Alexander Chekshin, CEO "Vechernyaya Moskva"
Executive Director: Elena Shitikova

 About GIPP

GIPP's mission is to protect and lobby the interests of publishers, to help turn the industry into a competitive business attractive for investors - characterized by professional management, high editorial standards and economic independence of all market players. These are major preconditions for political independence and freedom of speech in Russia.

GIPP's main goal is to create favorable conditions for the development of the publishing business in Russia.

GIPP's members. The supreme management body of the Guild is the general meeting of GIPP members. As of November 2009, GIPP had more 400 companies (incl. 270 regional companies) among its members. GIPP members publish more 3000 printed titles, including leading daily and weekly newspapers, consumer, business, scientific, entertainment and specialized magazines. Most GIPP members are leaders in their respective segments of the printed media market.

GIPP offers publishers a wide range of professional services such as information and knowledge resources, organization of industry events, consultation on best practice and access to professional literature. GIPP members have reduced rates on participation in professional events, purchasing professional literature, access to information services and research data.

GIPP income sources (2009): membership dues (~20%), professional events revenues, incl. Publishing Expo (~50%), special industry projects financing (~25%), professional literature & CD and others (~5%).

 GIPP cooperation and partnerships in Russia

GIPP represents the interests of Russia's print media before governmental federal and local self-government structures, maintains partnerships with other industrial organizations and associations, with associations of press distributors, advertisers and advertising agencies, printers, paper suppliers, book publishers, etc.

GIPP is a member of the National Coordination Press Council - a council of Russian industry associations whose activities are related to news publishing and providing services on print media markets: publishers, printers, newsprint suppliers, distributors. Its establishment was initiated by GIPP in February 2007.

The NCPC is a platform for industrial cooperation and joint lobbying of common interests with the government and partners. Currently NCPC members include 15 media-related NGOs. The NCPC Chairman is Alexandre Gorbenko, CEO Rossijskaya Gazeta; the NCPC Coordinator is Julia Kazakova, CEO GIPP.

 Cooperation with international professional associations

GIPP has been a certified member of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) from 2002 (partner from 1999). It has had partner relations with the International Association of Publishing and Media Technologies (IFRA) from 2002. After the merger of the two in 2009, GIPP is a certified member of WAN-IFRA.

GIPP has been a certified member of the International Federation of Printed Press (FIPP) from 2003 (partner from 2001).

Cooperation and partnership with these two leading professional associations, as well as a number of national publishing associations around the world, provide a rich resource of information and knowledge for all GIPP members. This also supports projects implemented by GIPP in areas such as media self-regulation, professional ethics, media statistics, education, advertising, etc.

 Major activities
  • Helping to develop a unified position of the publishing community on key issues of interacting with its partners on the market; developing and introducing civilized market practices, professional standards, and business ethics;
  • Contribution to the development of a single concept and model of self-regulation for all levels - regional and federal. Integration of existing industry associations into a single mechanism for protection of interests and regulation of business conditions in the publishing industry;
  • Lobbying of printed community interests in the field of legislation;
  • Establishment of self-regulation mechanisms and industry standards in different segments of the publishing business (advertising, distribution, printing, etc.);
  • Enhancing transparency in the industry, improving its accountability and monitoring performance;
  • Expanding readership, increasing print media commercial efficiency and attractiveness for advertisers;
  • Improving professional education of media managers, editors, journalists; assistance in developing educational curricula for the print media industry (incl. publication of professional literature and CDs, and special events - conferences, seminars, roundtables, etc.);
  • Organization of "Publishing Expo", the annual national forum of Russian publishers, since 2005;
  • Information services for publishers, including support of professional web resources, WAN-IFRA-GIPP Magazine, etc.
 Key Projects - 2009
  • "MediaStat" - transparency in the industry, industrial statistics and circulation audits. Objective: creating mechanisms for collection, processing and regular distribution of data on real players in the Russian print media market.
  • "Self-Regulation and Standards" - developing industrial standards for the media business.
  • "Advertising and Media Measurements" - assessment of advertising spend on print media and improvement of audience research methodology for print media.
  • "Today's IT-Solutions for Publishers". Objective: introduction of new IT and multimedia technologies in publishing; practical assistance in upgrading business management systems; professional training for print media managers, editors and journalists.
  • Publishing Expo - annual professional exhibition and conference.
  • "Read the Press!" - Industrial support and promotion program for expanding readership of print periodicals. Objective: assisting in increased readership, promoting the role and responsibilities of print media as the source of socially relevant, reliable, useful, and educational information.
  • "Media Education and Human Resource Development"
  • "Protection of Intellectual Property Rights"
 Priority GIPP Anti-Crisis Initiatives in 2008-2009
  • Acquiring the status of social importance for the industry; credit opportunities;
  • Amending the law on writing-off of unsold print-runs;
  • Duty-free import of coated papers not manufactured domestically and of printing supplies;
  • Creating favorable conditions and modern infrastructure for press distribution:
    - In terms of subscription (freezing Post Office rates);
    - In terms of single-copy sales - maintaining tax exemptions (unified tax); expanding the range of products with associated goods as a temporary measure; establishing new sales points;
    - Quarterly monitoring by GIPP of current developments and trends on print media markets.
 GIPP information resource - GIPP web site: launched in 2002; over 13,000 visitors daily; news, GIPP projects, media-community happenings, research results, legislation, calendar and results of events, etc.; daily electronic newsletter with more than 11,000 subscribers; GIPP member section. - Russian language site of the World Association of Newspapers and Publishers (WAN-IFRA) - Publishing EXPO site - Mediastat project site - Read The Press! project site
WAN-IFRA-GIPP Magazine. Russian-language version of the leading global publication on news publishing. The magazine has been published since 2007 as part of the strategic WAN-IFRA and GIPP partnership. Published in ePaper format.
The magazine features reviews of global trends and innovations in the news publishing business and technologies prepared by WAN-IFRA editors and experts, complemented by special reports and comments for the Russian market prepared by the GIPP editorial team. Readers are kept informed on all relevant issues and the latest developments in news publishing around the world.

 GIPP Management

αlexander Strakhov, GIPP President since 2009:
"In recent years, the Guild has become the most authoritative and efficient professional association in Russia that brings together periodical press publishers and provides a platform for constructive communication and finding solutions for common issues. Today all participants of the print market are facing new challenges, which became literally a question of a survival for publishers and are key problems for GIPP in the near future. The situation of advertising incomes falling, recession of consumer demand and constant growth of costs has threatened both the existence of the majority of publishing houses and industry development. All participants on the market and government representatives agree that the print industry needs state support in this new economic situation. Support should be directed to preservation of industry viability and stability, and the creation of a base for future development. In these changing conditions, GIPP is playing a key role in consolidating the industry, defending publishers' interests and developing anti-crisis initiatives."

Julia Kazakova, GIPP CEO since 2002:
"GIPP today is an influential and independent industry association whose membership includes all key players on Russia's publishing market. The Guild is respected by national and international professional communities and engaged in rewarding dialogue with governmental institutions. GIPP is successfully implementing serious initiatives and projects concerning legislative improvement, industrial statistics, advertising, and media measurements, print technologies and paper, press distribution, media education, human resource development and ICT. It also provides media research, assessment and monitoring. With its domestic and international partners, GIPP annually organizes over 40 professional events, while its Publishing Expo forum is recognized as the event of the year for Russia's publishers. Consolidating the role played by GIPP became particularly apparent during the crisis: all print media organizations had to join forces to develop anti-crisis measures to support their industry, and publishers used GIPP as a base for a number of joint industrial projects. We have a lot more to work on. Nevertheless, I believe our core achievement is that we have convinced Russia's publishers of our organization's strength and vitality, its importance for protecting their interests and advancing our industry."

 Former GIPP Presidents speak about the Association

Alexandre Oskin, GIPP President 1998-2000; Chairman of the Board, Association of Press Distributors (ARPP):
"It became evident by the end of the '90s that publishers needed a trade association. The lack of an organization of that kind in Russia made it difficult to communicate with the government on equal footing, to consolidate the media community, or to defend publishers, newspapers and magazines and represent their interests to various authorities. This is why we decided to create the Guild as a professional association aimed at facilitating solutions for the problems above.
Currently, under conditions of the expanding financial and economic crisis, the role played by GIPP becomes particularly important because the publishing community needs to consolidate its efforts in facing today's challenges. These include lobbying for necessary legislative amendments, reducing the tax burden and expanding benefits for the entire media industry. It is also particularly important to improve cooperation between publishers and distributors based on mutual commercial interests and to strengthen their unity in facing the crisis."

Viktor Shkulev, GIPP President 2000-2002; Chairman of the Board, HFS Publishing House and InterMediaGroup:
"Recent years were very beneficial for the organization: the Guild succeeded in resolving a number of important industrial issues. Its activity was crowned by the successful hosting of WAN's 59th World Newspaper Congress and 13th World Editors Forum in 2006 and the Worldwide Magazine Market Place in 2008."

Vadim Goryainov, GIPP President 2002-2012; CEO, Prof-Media Publishing House (1997-2004); Chairman of the Board of Directors, Novaya Typographia Printing Company:
"In recent years the Guild has strengthened its position as the most influential trade association. I am positive the Guild will continue to provide real benefits to the publishing community by organizing industrial discussions that facilitate establishing common ground, by consolidating publishers in their dialogue with the government, with printers, with distributors, and by representing and defending Russian publishers' interests worldwide."

Leonid Makaron, GIPP President 2000-2006; President, Pronto-Moscow Group:
"GIPP today commands authority and enjoys an honest name; it has industry-wide initiatives and an international reputation, and strong and efficient staff ready to respond to the most serious challenges. We have an open, actively developing and democratic organization which is confirmed by the mandatory rotation of the GIPP presidency. GIPP is not a tool for pursuing private ambitions, but a platform for protecting and lobbying interests of the entire publishing community."

Alexandre Gorbenko, GIPP President since 2006; CEO, Rossijskaya Gazeta:
"The Guild of Press Publishers today does not need to prove its necessity to anyone. Its viability and efficiency are evident when we look at the industrial consolidation initiated by GIPP. Indeed, it was upon the Guild's initiative - and with its direct involvement - that the National Press Coordination Council was launched. GIPP has huge potential and all the capabilities needed for further development."

Find more details about the Guild at

Address: 14, building 2, Bumazhny Proezd, of. 605
Moscow - 15, GSP - 4, 127994 Russia
Tel: +7 495 228 7697
Fax: + 7 495 661 9139
Web address:
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